Quesnel Council Highlights

Council Highlights – December 5, 2017

Accessible Parking Awareness Program

Accessibility Committee Members, Lynn Dunkley and Alison Duddy, provided Council with an overview of the Accessible Parking Awareness Program and to request funding of the Program’s 2018 budget. This Program, in its 6th year of operation, has a main focus to educate and increase the general public’s awareness around the importance of having accessible parking stalls made available for the people who depend on them. Challenges around accessible parking spots results when abled-bodied people park in the accessible parking spots, people not displaying their placard correctly on their review mirror, or disabled people parking in the accessible spot but remains in their vehicle while an abled bodied person exits the vehicle to do business. Parking in designated Accessible Parking Spots requires a valid parking permit acquire through SPARCBC, but regulations must be followed. The Accessible Parking Awareness Program 2018 operation budget request was referred to Council’s Financial Sustainability and Audit Committee for further consideration.

2017 Year in Review

Mayor Bob Simpson presented a Council Report outlining the main accomplishments for 2017. A summary of accomplishments are:

·         Fiscal prudence and implementation of three-year tax framework of controlling costs, decreasing overall industrial taxation and addressing the City’s infrastructure deficit.

·         Attracted grant dollars that enhances the community’s attractiveness and addresses the City’s infrastructure deficit.

·         Fiscal plan that allows for investments in core infrastructure and amenities, such as new playgrounds and the Spirit Center Downtown Washrooms.

·         City’s new brand and website that has modernized the City’s image and created a user-friendly website.

·         First Nations recognition and reconciliation initiatives have resulted in a signed protocol agreement with the Lhtako Dene Nation. Further, the City has formally recognized Lhtako Dene’s traditional territory at City-owned civic properties, and formally stated at the beginning of each Council meeting.

·         Completion of the new ice arena, the West Fraser Center.

·         Adopted a Housing Incentives Bylaw that has led to two new housing developments in North Quesnel.

·         Supported a major emergency response for the 2017 wildfires by a host to evacuees, supported a firefighting base at the airport, and provided structural fire protection to impacted communities in the South Cariboo.

·         Engaged with the new provincial government where it is hoped that public investments will result in public service improvements around transportation, hospital, schools and the North Cariboo Community Campus.

To view full details of this report, please visit the City’s website.

2018 Capital Budget

The City’s 2018 Capital Budget, totaling $11,003,595, has now been approved by Council. The largest capital project for 2018 is the Reid Street Revitalization Project estimated at $6.13 million. The 2018 Capital Budget is based on grants of $1.8 million, with other funding coming from reserves, utility fees and taxation. A full list of all 2018 Capital projects is available on the City’s website.

Proposed Elliott Street Supportive Housing – Good Neighbour Agreement Amendments

The Good Neighbour Agreement is an agreement that provides an official means of communication between the proposed Elliott Street Supportive Housing facility and the community, if the development is approved. The Good Neighbourhood Agreement is a communication tool only, and does not provide regulation or enforcement measures on the development. The Good Neighbour Agreement has been amended by removing Northern Health as a signatory to the agreement, and by removing the Quesnel Tillicum Society and North Cariboo Aboriginal Family Program Society as named optional parties in the agreement. Northern Health will still provide consultative services on best practises and service delivery. Next steps include the 5 pm Open House and 7 pm Public Hearing for this development on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at Quesnel and District Seniors Centre located at 461 Carson Avenue.

South Quesnel – Highway Haulers and Frontage Roads

Council reviewed parking on frontage roads located in the South Quesnel Business District, recognizing the safety problems caused by big trucks parking along the Frontage roads. Council’s intent is to ban parking on frontage roads along Rita Road, Balsam Avenue, Newman Road, and Chew Road (from Tim Hortons to the Sandman hotel). No Parking signs will be installed by the City’s Public Works department followed by enhanced bylaw enforcement.

Next Meetings

·         5:30 pm, December 12, 2017 – North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee

·         7:00 pm, January 16, 2018 – Regular Council Meeting