Visit the benefits carrier websites for information on standard benefits, extended health benefits, and disability coverage

If you would like a copy of the Group Health Benefit Booklet, you will need to access it online on the Group Health website. Not sure how to get your booklet online – check out the memo below:

In addition, EFAP (Emergency Family Assistance Program) is available to all employees and their families to confidentially access counseling services or plan smart services. Our current EFAP provider is Homewood Health – you can access their services on-line or by phone at the following contacts:

or call 1-800-663-1142

There are a number of new on-line services such as webinars & courses that can be accessed through their website. Check out the information below:

Download EFAP Article ‘Accessing Homeweb’

View info on EFAP e-Course ‘Taking Control of Stress’

View info on EFAP e-Course ‘Resilience’

View info on EFAP e-Course ‘Responsible Optimism’