Quesnel City Council Highlights

Council Highlights – November 28, 2017

Reid Street Revitalization Project – Concept Design

The City’s Reid Street Revitalization Project is being completed because of an aged-out water main line along 200, 300 and 400 blocks of Reid Street and 100 block of Barlow Avenue. Council discussed the project’s overall design features of the project’s design concept and total costs of the project, estimated at $6.1 million, but could be scaled back depending on the level of finishes, final negotiations of the design concept and the final scope of the project.

Next steps include: finalize the Design Concept that includes public consultation; pre-qualification of contractors, tender the project in mid-February 2018; and construct the project in the summer of 2018. Visit the City’s website, to view the full details of the Urban Systems Concept Design that includes the project’s design concept, design finishes, timeline, site layout, materials palettes, capital costs and tendering.

New Public Works Facility – Referendum Timing

On October 25, 2016 Council passed a resolution that a referendum be held during the 2018 Local Government General Election for the proposed new Public Works Facility project. Council re-affirmed the timing of this referendum. By holding a referendum at the 2018 Local Government General Election results in the best voter turnout. City staff will bring updated costs for this project to a future Council meeting.

City’s 2017 Third Quarter Report

The City’s third quarter report for 2017 includes each department’s key activities and statistics and lists an update for activities included in the Corporation’s 2017 Strategic Plan. Unique to this quarter, is the City’s activities around the 2017 Wildfires that affected some City department’s statistics more than others. To view the full details of this report, please visit the City’s website.

Council Indemnities

The September adjustment of the Consumer Price Index for British Columbia is used to calculate any adjustment for next year’s Council indemnity rates. For September 2017, the Consumer Price Index saw an increase of 2.0%. 2018 Council indemnities annual rates will be $44,302.32 for Mayor, and $15,200.04 for Councillors.

Bylaw of the Month – Sidewalk Snow/Ice Removal

The Bylaw Enforcement Department will be focusing on increasing awareness around the importance of removing snow and ice from sidewalks in the downtown area, as defined on the map attached to the Street, Traffic and Parking Bylaw 1773. All property owners, or occupiers, in the downtown area are required to remove snow and ice from sidewalks, adjacent to their properties, before 10 am each day; otherwise a minimum fine and/or fee per instance of $100.00 could apply.

Next Meetings

·         7 pm, December 5, 2017 – Regular Council Meeting

·         5:30 pm, December 5, 2017 – Regular Council Meeting

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