WFC Construction Update

September 14, 2016

Construction Update:
Multiple trades are on site this week and the masonry contractor has arrived to begin constructing block walls and close in the building.  Steel erectors will be on site next week and construction of the steel roof structure will begin shortly.  The contractor has poured the third section of the suspended concrete slab; the final portion of the second floor concourse is expected to be poured soon. Eight of the incline columns that support the roof structure have been poured, along with the elevator shaft.

Utility connections to the facility are in progress this week resulting in the temporary closure of the walkway between Vaughn Street and Lebourdais Park.  The sidewalk has been removed so trench lines can be dug and underground infrastructure can be installed.  Once the utility connections are made, including the reconnection of service to the curling club that was re-routed due to construction, access through this area will be restored.  The trenching will be backfilled, the area will be leveled and a walkway of crusher fines will be installed as soon as possible.

Schedule and Budget

The project continues to be on schedule for completion by September 2017.  The project continues to be on budget for $20.6 million.