Quesnel City Council Highlights

Council Highlights

June 6, 2017

Quesnel Independent Builder & Homeowner Protection Act

Mr. Reg Meisner, a Quesnel Independent Builder, appeared as a delegation to Council to express his frustration with the costs, the lengthy process and the overall red tape involved with the Home Owner Protection Act regulations for Owner-Builders wanting to build their own home(s). Mr. Meisner asked Council to lobby the Provincial government to reduce the costs, lengthy process and red tape around the Home Owner Protection Act regulations requirements originally put in place as a quality control measure for the construction of new homes. Next steps include a future City staff report outlining what lobbying efforts Council may wish to consider around the Home Owner Protection Act regulations and how the Home Owner Protection Act regulations process may be improved upon for owner-builders. Since 2012, approximately 50% of new homes in Quesnel have been built by owner-builders.

Reid Street/Barlow Avenue Revitalization

After multiple public consultation sessions, Council has approved the general concept design for the revitalization of Reid Street (Blocks 200 – 400) and a portion of Barlow Avenue (Front Street to laneway between Reid Street and Mclean Street) that was initiated because of an aged-out watermain that requires replacement. Urban Systems, on behalf of the City, will now proceed with finalizing the detailed design for the Reid Street/Barlow Avenue Revitalization project. A brief summary of the design concept features are:

  • 1 single extra-wide vehicle travel lane
    • Single lane is wide enough for two pickup trucks to pass even if a 6 m truck has angle parked
    • Delivery vehicle pull-out spot has been designated on each block
    • Small car parking has been designated for the first four spots of each block (small cars can backed of angle spots quicker if their views are not impacted by larger vehicles)
    • A mid-block pullout has been provided on each block where vehicles can pull over out of the single lane for short-term passenger drop off and pickup.
  • Parallel and angle parking similar to the current parking layout.
  • Improved street lighting
  • Wider sidewalks (3 meters for Blocks 200 – 300 and east-side of Block 400; and 2 meters for west-side of Block 400)
  • Parking capacity will see a decrease of 7 total parking spots, from the existing conditions, for Blocks 200 – 400
    • Provides a balance of space between providing wider sidewalks, drop-off pullouts and parking stall spaces.

Project costs will are dependant on construction market value costs, but the preliminary design for this project is estimated up to $5.3 million. Next steps include the detailed design going back out to the public for consultation and work on an overall strategic parking plan for the downtown core.

Curling Club Exterior Refresh

Council approved $10,500 from the Council Initiatives Fund for the exterior west and south walls of the Quesnel Curling Club to be painted. The west wall is now fully exposed unpainted masonry due to the demolition of Arena 1 that is to become the new parking lot for the new West Fraser Centre. In refreshing the West Fraser Centre immediate area, Arena 2 has been painted and, through a City Capital Works project, new sidewalks and paved parking lots/laneways/roadways are also underway.

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Issues

Council has been dealing with ongoing issues with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure regarding:

  • The west-bound right-hand turn lane from Highway 97 at Carson Avenue/Kinchant Street will be reinstated. Expect road marker and signage to be installed sometime this month.
  • Highway’s electronic digital sign has been relocated from Chuck Beath Park to the bottom of Dragon Lake Hill.
  • Council issued a new request to change parking, along the 100 Block of Front Street, from truck-only parking to automotive parking that aims to provide tourists and visitors convenience parking to visit Heritage Corner.

Security Cameras – Downtown Community/Accessible Space at Spirit Square

Council approved the costs and installation of three new security cameras for the new community/accessible space, that includes public/accessible washrooms, located off of Spirit Square. There will be two security cameras located on the exterior of the building overlooking the facility’s entrance and one security camera overlooking the facility’s public front lobby space.

Next Meetings

June 13, 2017, 5:30 pm
North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee

June 20, 2017, 7 pm
Regular Council Meeting